What We Do:

Nexus is a “hard money” lender located in Austin, TX. We use investor capital to originate and service real estate backed, short-term loans to qualified borrowers principally in Central Texas. Our typical lending rates are 10.95% – 12% plus a 2.25% Loan Origination Fee.

Our Borrowers:

Many – but definitely not all – of our borrowers are opportunistic “fix & flip” investors who buy, fix and re-sell residential properties. Our list of clients also includes a hedge fund manager, a movie producer, an oil field operator, and many other non-real estate related professionals. The common denominator for all borrowers is they have investment real estate that can secure our loans with a 1st deed of trust.

Why They Pay High Rates:

Capital dislocation in the marketplace (rather than credit challenges) is what creates demand for our loans. For example, residential investment properties requiring work don’t qualify for conventional loans. Also, a need for speed is a big driver of demand (typically from loan application to closing in 5 – 10 days).

The Problem We Solve:

Nexus creates the connection between borrowers willing to pay high-yields and investors who are seeking high-yields. We source both of these parties and then wrap the relationship in a professionally managed platform with tight controls, regular reporting and audited financial statements.

Marty Money Bags Meets Joe the Flipper