Nexus Alternative Investment Income Fund


The Private Placement described is offered in accordance with rule 506(c) of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (and Regulation S for foreign investors). Accordingly, it has not been registered pursuant to the Securities Act of 1933, has not been registered under the securities act of any state and is available to only “accredited Investors” who meet the requirements of thee SEC.

What You Can Expect From
Nexus Private Capital
Value Proposition
Actions consistent with our Company Code of ConductYield + No Volatility + Ease of ExitWe communicate proactively
Manager’s and Investors interests are fully alignedProfessional ManagementComplete transparency
Unblemished track record of distributionsKnowledge + Deep ExperienceAudited Financial Statements
Nexus Private Capital Code of Conduct
At all times, act in the best interest of our clients

Provide information that enables our clients to make informed decisions.

Be fully transparent in all dealings with our clients. Readily provide all relevant documentation as may be requested and ensure the validity and accuracy of all documentation provided.

Communicate with clients regularly. Consistently deliver reports and investment distributions on time.

Respect the client’s confidentiality and take prudent steps to protect their personal data.

Be professional, efficient and responsive in all dealings.

Act in the spirit of the Code and encourage others to do likewise.

Fund Snapshot:

Nexus creates the connection between borrowers willing to pay high yields and investors who are seeking high yields.

We source both of these parties and then wrap the connection in a professionally managed platform with audited financial statements, monthly reporting and total transparency.


Nexus is a suitable alternative for Accredited Investors who accept a fixed, 8.0% Yield and who wish to avoid stock market volatility.


How We Generate Yield: We use investor capital to originate loans secured with real estate. We lend money to 11%+, pay investors 9% and use the difference to cover bills and turn a profit.

  • “100% Collateral”: Our loans are secured with a 1st Deed of Trust on marketable real estate plus personal guarantees from the borrower. We lend at up to 70% Loan-to-Value (“LTV”) and weight the Fund toward small-balance loans secured with residential real estate.
  • Ease of Exit: With Nexus, you are not stuck in an indefinite private placement. Investors can get out without penalty after only 18 months by simply redeeming their shares at par.
  • Manager’s Vested Interest: The Fund Manager has invested $1.3 million of its own money and placed it in 1st Loss Position. The managers capital is subordinate to that of our investors, which means we’re more motivated to make good loans than to earn fees.
  • No Fees: Nexus is a “No Load” Fund, which means that all of your money goes to work for you. The Fund Manager charges no Asset Management Fees, no 12b-1 Fees and receives no priority distributions. Zero.
  • Fund Manager Compensation: Each month, the Manager’s compensation consists of a profits distribution after “everyone else gets paid first”. The Manager absorbs salaries and overhead, rather than the Fund resulting in greater margin – and safety – to cover investor payouts. We believe this structure is the ultimate in aligning our interest with yours.
  • Management: Fund management is performed by season pros with deep resumes and sterling reputations. We have earned our credentials from decades of doing deals, operating companies and embracing the highest ethical standards.
  • Track Record: Nexus has an outstanding track record. We have originated more than 300 loans with a face value of nearly $116 million since 2017. We have a low foreclosure rate and have never missed a monthly distribution to our investors. The fund operated with a low expense ratio and high gross margin. That means greater stability for our investors and greater confidence in Nexus as an investment.
  • Reporting Transparency: Nexus is an open book for its investors. You can track your account through our monthly statements or Fund activity and your account on-demand through a state of the art online investor portal. Our Quarterly Reports are comprehensive and delivered on-time. Financial statements are audited each year and made available to our investors. K-1’s are actually delivered on time so your CPA will love us!
  • Investment: Nexus is open to Accredited Investors that meet the requirements of Rule 506(c) of the U.S. Securities Exchange Commission or Regulation S, for international investors.

The minimum investment is only $25,000 and this share price is fixed for all investors through the duration of their investment.

For qualified plan investors, Nexus is already an approved self-directed IRA investment platform through Mainstar Trust, Pensco Trust, Qwest IRA, and other trustee administered plans.

For more information about an investment in Nexus, contact Cort Chalfant at

(512) 230-9867, by email: or through the following link