Key Investment Considerations

Reason #1:

Big Yield (9%)

Nexus is for investors seeking a higher yield on cash deposits but who don’t want all of their portfolio subject to stock market volatility.

Nexus pays a fixed, 9% yield and investors have a choice or receiving monthly distributions or a reinvestment option that grows their shares like a mutual fund.

Reason #2:

No Volatility

The minimum investment in Nexus is only $25,000 and our share price is fixed. That means you go into the Fund at $25k per Unit, you can exit the Fund at $25k per Unit and your sole purpose for investing with Nexus is to earn a predictable, 9% annualized yield.

We offer Membership Units to accredited investors subject to the terms of a Private Placement Memorandum (“PPM”). We can accept capital contributions in accordance with the PPM and we are approved as an IRA investment through Mainstar Trust and Pensco Trust, respectively.

Reason #3:

Ease of Exit

With Nexus there is no wondering when you can get out. Early investors can redeem their shares at par after just 18-months. More recent investors can exit after 36-months.

Reason #4:

Our Interests are Aligned

The Manager of Nexus has “skin in the deal.” We have $1.3 million of our own money invested — and it’s in first-loss position. In addition, 100% of the Managers compensation is based on performance. We charge no Asset Management fees – zero – and there is no load (fee) to invest.

Each month, our Management compensation consists of whatever is left over after all expenses and distributions to Members are paid first. By our way of thinking, this is the ultimate way to demonstration our commitment to our investors and it ensures that the Manager’s interests are fully aligned with yours.

Meet The Team

Nexus Value Proposition

What You Can Expect From
Nexus Private Capital
Value Proposition
Actions consistent with our Company Code of ConductYield + No Volatility + Ease of ExitWe communicate proactively
Manager’s and Investors interests are fully alignedProfessional ManagementComplete transparency
Unblemished track record of distributionsKnowledge + Deep ExperienceAudited Financial Statements