Thank you for choosing Nexus Private Capital.

Please submit your application fee in the amount referenced in our letter to you.


Application Fee:

  • Your application fee is partially-refundable.
  • Application fee is credited toward the cost of the Legal Fee.
  • One-half refunded if Lender does not fund the loan.
  • Your application fee is forfeited if Borrower terminates the transaction.

Please remember that your Application is a non-binding outline of the basic terms under which NPC typically offers loans to real estate investors. This outline provides the basis for which a formal loan agreement and associated documents may be prepared but it is not an offer or commitment to lend funds. The actual terms presented to a prospective borrower, if any, may be different than those reflected on this website and can only be presented after understanding the specific needs of each individual borrower. The terms of any offer and/or agreement to lend must be in writing. Verbal statements are not an offer or a promise of any kind. Prospective borrowers are advised to review this outline closely and to consult with their own counsel prior to entering into any agreement with NPC.