What does Hard Money mean?

Hard money means we lend primarily against the value of real estate (“hard assets”) – rather than credit considerations of the borrower.  For this reason, many borrowers with challenging credit history can still qualify for hard money loans.  At Nexus Private Capital, we do customarily conduct credit and background checks on each loan guarantor but, our primary consideration for making loans is our estimate of value for the underlying real estate.

We Love to Pay Referral Fees!

Refer a new borrower and get paid 1/2% of the loan amount through escrow at closing. This referral program is available to an individual, mortgage originator or other entity who introduces NPC to a new borrower who subsequently closes their first loan with the company.

Please know that NPC does not lend to individuals who will reside in the property for which the loan is intended and that other conditions apply.

For more information about NPC’s referral program, please contact us.

Available for Speaking Engagements and Private Consultations

Need more information – or want to do a group seminar? The principal of NPC is happy to engage in one-on‐one consultations and/or group presentations.

Learn the specifics of how hard money loans are originated and serviced; where they fit in the capital stack of real estate investments; and how they can help other real estate professionals close deals.

For more information about speaking engagements, or to book an appointment, please contact us.